Sunday, October 5, 2008

Your Silent Love.....

Love is a feeling not be told,
I know deep down in your heart some corner i hold,
But i hear the questions yours eyes speak,
I know all these memories i will give you, are just answers meek.

I know i can never hold you back,
you will always remain a free bird,
I want to say that just your smile is enough for me,
my love for you can survive without a single word,

I know that you are so precious my Love,
that you deserve more than my humble life,
I wish i could tell you,sweetheart,
your "Silent Love" is what i like....

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lost in Wilderness...

Every time i look into your eyes,
i feel that you are trapped,
in a maze of lost hopes and fear,
in a labyrinth of unanswered questions and unfinished dreams,
in a giant puzzle of analyzing mind and heartfelt feelings,
trying to find true love and happiness.
I wish my friend,
I knew the answers to free your soul,
from this Life in Wilderness....!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Love continues....

FRom dawn, when i look at the sun,
till the time it sets at the horizon,
from the time, moon and darkness rein,
till its finally dawn again,
every single second i think of you,
my mind making dreams new.

I wish to be the wind blowing above,
to kiss your head, my love,
play with your smooth silky hair,
touch your pearl ear-rings pair,
and carry you to the stars & blue sky
and hold you in my arms till i die.

I wish to be the rain drops,
raining in your creek,
running through your sweet face,
and touching your soft cheek,
free falling in your arms,
and finally perish on your charms.

I wish to be the mirror on your wall,
and smile when you stare at me,
looking like a gorgeous barbie-doll,
fulfilling your every wish and imagination,
every time showing your true reflection.

I wish to be the pillow lying on your bed,
soft and silky,pink and red,
on which you can rest your head,
so when you come back home tired & dreary,
you can hug me instead.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Best Friend

I start with you,I end with you,
I smile with you,I cry with you,
I move with you, I stop with you,
I share with you,I fear with you,
I feel for you,I cheer for you,
I fight with you,I stand with you,
I love with you,I hate with you,
I dance with you,I drink with you,
I care for you,I am always there for you,
Every day begins this way..and this way it will end,
and every day in my life ,you will be my best friend.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Love at First Sight

It was a cold winter evening,
till then my life had no meaning,
when cupid struck me,
smiling and happy, it left me .

She is this slim dusky beauty,
really gorgeous and pretty,
she came like a breathe of fresh air
left me speechless,
and swept me of my chair.

She has the most beautiful smile,
that i wont forget for a while,
the way she talks,
the way she walks,
i tell you she really rocks.

She has these lovely brown eyes,
and long lips so sweet and nice,
Her every look could kill,
at least hundred guys.

I don't know,if this feeling is all right,
but to make her mine,the whole world i will fight,
Finally..i have fallen in love,
yes, it is love... at first sight.