Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Love continues....

FRom dawn, when i look at the sun,
till the time it sets at the horizon,
from the time, moon and darkness rein,
till its finally dawn again,
every single second i think of you,
my mind making dreams new.

I wish to be the wind blowing above,
to kiss your head, my love,
play with your smooth silky hair,
touch your pearl ear-rings pair,
and carry you to the stars & blue sky
and hold you in my arms till i die.

I wish to be the rain drops,
raining in your creek,
running through your sweet face,
and touching your soft cheek,
free falling in your arms,
and finally perish on your charms.

I wish to be the mirror on your wall,
and smile when you stare at me,
looking like a gorgeous barbie-doll,
fulfilling your every wish and imagination,
every time showing your true reflection.

I wish to be the pillow lying on your bed,
soft and silky,pink and red,
on which you can rest your head,
so when you come back home tired & dreary,
you can hug me instead.


AshenGlow said...

That picture looks sooo cute...
Lovely poem.. wanted to say this long go though.. Heh. Wese, who is the lucky one?

Nicesweetguy said...

hai koi.....khoobsurat..pyaari si...meri honewale biwi..:)