Friday, May 9, 2008

Best Friend

I start with you,I end with you,
I smile with you,I cry with you,
I move with you, I stop with you,
I share with you,I fear with you,
I feel for you,I cheer for you,
I fight with you,I stand with you,
I love with you,I hate with you,
I dance with you,I drink with you,
I care for you,I am always there for you,
Every day begins this way..and this way it will end,
and every day in my life ,you will be my best friend.


Shantanu said...

What a peom my friend ...
sad that it had to end ...

Nicesweetguy said...

good last liner....dost:)

AshenGlow said...

Aha.. someones praising your post..
so much for a dost..