Thursday, May 8, 2008

Love at First Sight

It was a cold winter evening,
till then my life had no meaning,
when cupid struck me,
smiling and happy, it left me .

She is this slim dusky beauty,
really gorgeous and pretty,
she came like a breathe of fresh air
left me speechless,
and swept me of my chair.

She has the most beautiful smile,
that i wont forget for a while,
the way she talks,
the way she walks,
i tell you she really rocks.

She has these lovely brown eyes,
and long lips so sweet and nice,
Her every look could kill,
at least hundred guys.

I don't know,if this feeling is all right,
but to make her mine,the whole world i will fight,
Finally..i have fallen in love,
yes, it is love... at first sight.


AshenGlow said...

This surely cannot be the end!... :)
Way to go!... All the best dude!

Nicesweetguy said...

@ashenglow-thanks a lot for all the encouragement...:)and as said the story has just started....!