Sunday, October 5, 2008

Your Silent Love.....

Love is a feeling not be told,
I know deep down in your heart some corner i hold,
But i hear the questions yours eyes speak,
I know all these memories i will give you, are just answers meek.

I know i can never hold you back,
you will always remain a free bird,
I want to say that just your smile is enough for me,
my love for you can survive without a single word,

I know that you are so precious my Love,
that you deserve more than my humble life,
I wish i could tell you,sweetheart,
your "Silent Love" is what i like....


Sayani said...

silent love exactly like a free bird with free will you can just feel it bt show to none and tho' its out of reach yet it still makes one complete...
gud one
keep well

Nicesweetguy said...

@sayani:-thanks a lot for dropping by...and for the encouragement:)

AshenGlow said...

What do i say... an extremly honest and innocent expression of love. Poignant to say the least.

loved every bit of it...


Red Soul said...

nice. :)